SSH Keys

On this page, you can find an explanation of how to generate a new SSH Key, as well as how to use and manage it in the Cloud Console.

Table of contents

  1. SSH Keys page
  2. Create an SSH Key
  3. Copy Public Key
  4. Delete an SSH Key

SSH Keys page

To get to the SSH Keys page on the Homepage you need to select the Security from the VIRTUAL DATACENTER block and click the SSH Keys TAB:



This action will redirect you to the SSH Keys page where you can find all created SSH Keys with their Headers, Create button, Search bar and Actions icon which opens a list of available management actions for the selected Keypair:


Keypairs headers include:

  • Name: Shows the name of the SSH Key;
  • Region: Shows which regions the corresponding SSH Key belong to;
  • Fingerprint: Shows each Public Key fingerprint which is a sequence of bytes used to identify a longer public key;

Actions icon opens the next list of available management actions:

  • Copy public key to clipboard - by selecting this option you can copy public key;
  • Delete - this option is for SSH Key deletion.

So, from this page you can:

  • review all created SSH Keys;
  • create more SSH Keys;
  • copy public key to clipboard;
  • delete SSH Keys.

Create an SSH Key

To create a new SSH KEY  do the following:

  • go to the SSH Keys page and click the CREATE SSH KEY icon in the upper left corner: ssh4
  • on the next opened Create SSH Key window specify the Name: in this field you set a name for the Keypair, it can contain only Latin letters (a-z, A-Z), digits (0-9), hyphen (-), underscore (_) and must be at most 255 characters long.;
  • click on the CREATE icon to create a new SSH Key:


The next open page will provide your Private Key and you can save it to your server by clicking the COPY TO CLIPBOARD icon here:

NOTE: You will have access to the private key only after creation, please save it to your private server if necessary.


After that, the created SSH Kye will be added to the SSH Keys page:


Copy Public Key

To Copy Public Key you need to click the Actions icon  ssh9  and select the Copy public key to the clipboard in the list of available options.

Delete an SSH Key

To remove an SSH Key you need to do the following:

  • identify this unnecessary SSH Key on the  SSH Key page;
  • click the Actions icon  ssh9  and select the Delete in the list of available options;
  • on the next opened Confirmation window confirm the SSH Key deletion:


After these steps, the selected SSH Key will be deleted.